When Rugby meets football, the most powerful couple are born.

He was the hero of the 2018 NFL Super Bowl champion.

She is the best female football player in the United States in 2017.

The four English letters of “Ertz” are frequently mentioned on the major sports websites of the United States. Because Zach Oates helped the Philadelphia Hawks beat the Minnesota Vikings 38-7 in the League Final and break into the Super Bowl; because Julie Oates scored a goal in a friendly match between the American and Danish women’s teams and helped the team beat their opponents 5-1 easily; and because Julie learned after the whistle that Zac entered the Super Bowl. Tears filled his eyes, and Zac said in tears when he saw Julie’s video: “I just want to go home and share my joy with her and celebrate the victory.”

Fans all over the world know this from CP. And now they have been married for 10 months.

When they got married in March 2017, Julie was a key member of the U.S. 2015 Women’s World Cup Championship team, and Zac was the main close-end winner of the four-year-old NFL team, the Weak Hawks. However, the couple’s marriage quickly drowned in the vast sports news, but their sweet marriage has brought about a magical chemical reaction.

Julie, a transformational attacking midfielder in the 2017 season, was named the best female footballer in the United States in 2017; Zach, who familiarized herself with Doug Peterson’s tactical system for a year, broke out with 824 yards 8 in the regular season, 93 yards in the League Finals, 67 yards 1 in the Super Bowl and 67 yards 1 in the regular season. The Philadelphia Hawks won their first Super Bowl championship in four quarters with two key catches to beat the league’s Demon Lord patriots.

The two instantly became the darlings of the major media chasing, ESPN’s famous documentary “E:60” naturally will not let go soccer jerseys of such a good story, let’s take a look at the program in a very interesting dialogue.

Question: How did you two meet?

Julie: We first met at a baseball game at Stanford University. We had a lot of friends in common. When I won the U20 women’s World Cup in 2012, he sent me a congratulatory message. Then I went to a rugby game where he got a great touchdown, so I sent him a text message saying, “Congratulations, it’s really cool to see you play.” I guess that sparked our love.


Question: how do you help and support each Rugby other to become a better athlete?soccer jerseys

Julie: there is no doubt that someone who helps you and inspires you is really feeling great about you. One of the things that impressed me most was that before the World Cup in 2015, I didn’t qualify for the tournament. It was really sad for me. He is also a professional athlete. He knows the feeling of falling into the bottom. During that time, when I felt exhausted every day, he would always say to me, “You’re okay, two more sprints.” From trivial matters to big events, he really helped me a lot.

Zack: I’ve been struggling with injuries at the beginning of the last two seasons, and it was she who kept me focused on rehabilitative training and avoided too much frustration and frustration. She will always travel to Chicago and Philadelphia to accompany me as much as possible. Such frequent flights are undoubtedly a great physical burden for her, but she knows that sometimes you have to do these things for your partner to help them out.

Julie: I really enjoy my life now. He has become an integral part of my life. He is my strong backing, and constantly inspires me, hoping that I will succeed. This is the most wonderful and special thing in the past 5 years.

Zack: I love watching Julie play. I know how much she’s done to Rugby improve her ability. I’m really happy jerseys jerseys jerseys for her to see one of the achievements she’s had through hard training.

Julie: It’s easier for me to understand Zac’s every attack than the rest of his family because I know how much he loves football jerseys and how much he pays for it. Every time I watch a close game and hear the sound of armor bumping into each other, my heart beats faster, but I hope he succeeds and keeps doing what he loves.