Fowles was injured again. The eagle has no quarterback available.

The Philadelphia Eagle’quarterback line-up was supposed to be the most enviable in the NFL, but after today’s pre-season game against the New England Patriots, the Eagle are almost out of quarterbacks. The Eagle’quarterback’s injury curse has fallen to the MVP Super Bowl’s Nick Fowles, who injured his neck last week in the Eagle’ team training today. In this pre-season, Nick Fowles suffered a heavy blow and had to leave the game, which cast a shadow on the future of the Philadelphia Eagle.

Nick Fowles was injured in the opening of the second quarter of the Eagles’game against the Patriots. The Philadelphia Eagle jerseys online attacked in the Patriots’ half. Following Fowles’kick-off, his blindside pocket was instantly protected by the patriot’s passer Adrian Klebner, as he was about to pass out. Claiborne pounced on Fowles and hit him hard in the right arm. Claiborne slapped the ball in Fowles’hand with a heavy punch. Lineguard Javan Bentley then grabbed the rugby and returned to battle. While Claiborne and Bentley were celebrating the battle happily, Nick Fowles was kneeling in pain with his hands over his shoulders. The slow-motion replay showed no foul problem with Klebson’s raid, but his hand hit Fowles’passing arm, his shoulder was under pressure for an instant, and with minor injuries accumulated in training, Fowles fell and dropped out of the game.

After the game, the Philadelphia Eagle jerseys announced that Nick Fowles suffered a shoulder strain, and the recovery time is uncertain. It is understood that Fowles may not be able to catch up with the regular season opener. This is undoubtedly worse for the Philadelphia Eagle, who had been out of training for a week or so because of minor injuries, and although Fowles was not seriously injured, the Eagle should not have sent him out. But somehow, the Philadelphia Eagle changed their minds and chose to let Fowles play in the preseason after deciding he was in good shape. This time, the Philadelphia Eagle were not careful and had to swallow the bitter fruit.

In fact, this time Nick Fowles started badly. At the start of the game, Fowles’s passing was off the mark. Each pass was either too strong or too high, and he was captured by the patriots. Then Fowles seemed to be injured, but after the impact of Kleinburne, Fowles had a bad start. It completely collapsed. Before leaving, Fowles only passed 3 passes 9 times, and the efficiency was very low. The Eagle should not have allowed Fowles to play so long in pre-season as the main quarterback currently identified by the Eagle. Maybe the Eagle had planned to replace Fowles after the second quarter attack, but the sudden injury upset the Eagle’abacus. The Eagle reorganized the contract with Fowles during the off-season to prevent any further accidents. But nobody would have expected the Eagle to be like this. Carson Wintz is still out of training. Nick Fowles has a shoulder strain. Now the Eagle have to start with No. 3 quarterback Nate Sadfield. Then Sadfield will be the Eagle’first quarterback in pre-season. Maybe he will. It’s the first quarterback in the early season of the regular season.