Why do fans dislike patriots? Brady’s calm response gives the answer.

In professional sports, few teams can match the new England patriots jerseys. The 21st Century league’s most successful team has the support of millions of fans in the United States and around the world, but at least the same number of people do not like him. This is not just in the stands or on the pitch, but also for the media.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the future Hall of Fame player, was recently asked by the media why people dislike the Patriots. Brady did not take team success and the controversy surrounding the team as the main factors, but put forward a different theory.

Brady said: “as a professional athlete, you have to face many different things and many criticisms. Obviously, there are many people who will support you, but there are many others who cheer for other teams. I think this is the diversification of rugby, and this is the case in the US.

“So most Americans, who live in other parts of the country, don’t like patriots,” Brady concluded before starting to talk about people’s motivation to dislike the Patriots. “They don’t like me, I understand. I mean, I am a fan of 49ers. They just want to see their favorite team win, and when the team doesn’t win, I think they have to move that frustration elsewhere.

Brady continued: “When you are as successful as our team, I think the frustration is on our side. It’s all about each other. You just need to understand that this is your environment. ”

At the same time, Brady also mentioned another reason. He said, “we have never… If you look at many other sports around the world, maybe you have a chance to represent your country.

“Just like watching the World Cup in the summer, I see all the football players jerseys playing for different clubs, but at some point they get together for their country,” continued the 41-year-old. “In the United States, we never had the chance to do this.” Although the United States does have a national football team, Brady and other players in the League will never represent their country in this tournament.

Because the rules of the football World Cup are so strict, professional players are not allowed to represent their country (it doesn’t matter: the U.S. won all three World Cups with 11-0 and 39.9 points per game). As a result, Brady and other Patriots will never wear jerseys that represent their country, nor will they be cheered by those who usually oppose them.

Finally, Brady said that some people do not like the Patriots because of a combination of different reasons and motivations, but his theory about not representing the national team, may also be a subconscious reason.