Nelson, the new leader, will bring himself into the new leader of the Raiders.

This off-season, Jody Nelson, a 10-year-old outsider who worked for Green Bay Packers, joined the Oakland Raiders jerseys on a $15 million two-year, $13 million security contract. In fact, in order to give Jody Nielsen a place, the Raider specifically released another outsider Michael Clabtri, but compared to Clabtrine slightly pungent temperament, Jody Nielsen from the inside out revealed a “veteran cadre” style, which is not a joke Nielsen every off-season. All have to go back to Kansas for farming. But it was Nielsen’s simple, kind nature that slowly made him the spiritual leader of the Oakland Raiders.

“He has a special kind of leadership in the team, he won the Super Bowl and I remember everything he said. In the receiver’s conference room, he often speaks loudly about the receiving routes and details, and I always listen with an open mind. That’s the idea of the Oakland Raiders’No. 1 External Amari Cooper, who, although he’s already a little-known star, looks like a small fan to Nielsen, whose Super Bowl story alone will shine Cooper’s eyes.

Jodi Nelson was one of those players who amazed his teammates by chopping down another line-up on the pitch, and off the pitch, the Raiders liked to get NFL experience, stories, or ways of dealing with people. When Nelson arrived at the raiders, coach Jon Gruden often praised Nelson not only as a stable successor, but also as an influential player. Nielsen’s own affinity was the basis for him to become the leader of the young team, and what ultimately brought down the Raiders was Nielsen’s personal strength, which, like the literal meaning of his nickname “White Lightning,” meant he was still the fastest runner on the court. Jody Nelson, 33, has played 136 games in nine seasons of his career, catching 550 shots and reaching 7848 yards and 69 games. Nielsen is one of the only four NFL outsiders to complete 1,250 yards 13 times in three seasons, and the other three (Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Trevor Owens) who have completed the record are all Hall of Fame members.

“He’s faster than I thought, and he made our outside lineup better. No matter where he is, he can bring changes to the team. He can improve his team-mates. His experience, spirit, will and communication with people influenced us all. This is Derek Carle’s idea. When Nelson first joined the raiders, Carl said, “I can’t imagine the packing union letting him go.” At that time, Derek Carl didn’t know much about the outsider, but Nelson’s reputation and skills excited Derek Carl. Since Nielsen signed, he has been the locker room leader of the Raiders, and when the younger-dominated Raiders have players like Nielsen, people feel a new magic.

Today’s pre-season, Nielsen and his old packer teammates met again, but this is the first time Nielsen appeared in front of them in different teams’jerseys, even in the face of Aron Rogers, Nielsen will not be affected by emotional play. After all, Nielsen had repeatedly expressed his willingness to stay at the packer, but the packer was only willing to offer Nielsen a million dollars salary in the early years, which deeply hurt Nielsen’s heart, but the Raiders let Nielsen feel warm again, which made Nielsen forget the wrapper gave up the sad choice to come to Oakland.

It was the raider’s close-end Jared Cook’s second teammate with Nelson, who helped the Green Bay Packers jerseys reach the League final in 2016. For Nelson’s personality charm, Cook is deeply touched, in the packer’s year is that Nelson let Cook feel the warmth of home: “When I was in Green Bay, many players can not respect him. Nelson is not only a great player, but also a great leader. He is a comprehensive leader. His understanding of the game can make our young team better.