Player magnifying glass: third weeks before the season, key player observation

Pre-season is the best chance for the edge players to win a job, and they take the opportunity to stay on the roster. The third week of pre-season is over, the new season is about to start, although the pre-season is only a training game, winning or losing is not important, but it can still be seen from the team in the new season some clues. Some players are facing a turning point. Where will the new season go? NFL expert Brook has chosen some interesting players to score this week’s pre-season match.

Buffalo Bill: Josh Allen quarterback

Score: D

On Sunday afternoon, a fierce battle with the Cincinnati tigers, Josh Allen could be scared. The No. 7 looked like a rookie in the first battle, jumping up and down his pocket in the face of a fierce tiger pass. He just wanted to get the ball out of the pressure quickly, but the more anxious Allen was, the less accurate he was. He only pushed 34 yards in 6-12, which was nothing. As a result, he was also killed 5 times, and finally had to take the concussion assessment. Under his command, Bill didn’t get any scoring opportunities, so perhaps Sean McDermott would choose a more secure Nathan Pitman in the first week of the regular season.

Kansas City chief jerseys tain: Patrick Ma Holmes quarterback

Score: A-

Some people say that Maholmes is a more aggressive quarterback than Alex Smith, and now it seems right. The Sheikh’s new quarterback swept through the Bears’defensive backcourt like a tornado in a game against the Chicago Bears. The Red Tornado, clothed in No. 15, not only demonstrated far-reaching strike power and arm strength, but also his short and medium pass was somewhat Smith-like in the Bears’choice of zone china jerseys Because Macholmes is so keen on passing the ball to different players, the Chief’s offensive weapons are overwhelming, and it may be difficult for his defensive coaches to slow down the Chief’s offense in the new season.

Miami dolphins: Kenyon Drake runner

Score: A

Dolphins have found their number one runner, and most of the teams’ attack is also centered around Drake. This grade three runner can not only punch the ball, but also act as an explosive takeover. In the game against the Baltimore Ravens, Drake pushed 68 yards (32 yards for four strokes and 36 yards for one catch), demonstrating remarkable spatial impact. If the dolphin could take advantage of Drake’s ability to run and pick up, the 24-year-old might be able to paint one of the league’s most beautiful stats.

New England Patriot jerseys: jaban Bentley line guard

Score: B+

The Patriots’rookies continue to prove their worth, and line-guard Javan Bentley looks like a lock, proving he can play in the main line-up. Bentley finished five wrestles Friday against the Panthers, and his excellent chase skills left the outsider flawless and he was able to find the right player jerseys wholesale to run all over the court. The Purdue line-guard is as good as a veteran in command of the defence, and he shows a sixth sense beyond his own experience. Overall, Bentley is likely to start in his first season, which is a boon for a five-round show.