The Chinese Rugby youngster will make the NFL scouts praise the draft.

Beijing time September 23rd, the US university rugby league will be launched in the fourth week. I don’t know if you’ll remember that I wrote on September 2 in the article “Chinese-American Flashing NCAA Rugby Next Year He’s Hopefully to Kill the Quartet in the NFL,” in which the Chinese-American hybrid Tyler-Rapp continued to do his best in the past two weeks and made new technical achievements that he hasn’t been good at in the past two seasons A breakthrough.

Master the rush skill, rap forecasts the rising position.

As a defender, Rapp needs to defend the team’s last line of defense most of the game. But he spent the rest of the season watching footage of the NFL’s top sprinters, Caryl Mark and Alon Donald. But what can a tour guard learn from an outside guard or a defensive front? If he needs to rush forward from time to time to “hunt” the opponent’s quarterback, he’s got a lot more to learn!

Jimmy Reick, the defensive coordinator for the University of Washington’s Huskies, directs the team’s defensive tactics this season, and he’s a defensive coordinator who likes to call a surprise, especially a second-line player. So in the spring and summer of this team training, Rick looked for his own defensive guards to learn how to press on the opponent’s quarterback, and Rapp was naturally one of the most important.

Three consecutive weeks of good performance made all the scouts at the scene praise. Draft analyst Tony Pauline Chinese football player jerseys wrote in his own commentary: “Rapp is an amazingly physical security guard who can always do something on the pitch to make himself feel alive.” Such praise gives fans more insight into the prospects of rap’s draft.

Faced with the new challenge of pass pass maniac

The fourth week, University of Washington will host the challenge of Arizona State University at home. In mid-October last season, it was Arizona State that put a damper on Washington University’s hopes of entering the playoffs. This time again, the University of Washington is still undefeated, after all, they have been in the first week of the University of Auburn has suffered a defeat. Despite 11 defeats in the last 12 games, the University of Washington has outperformed the University of Arizona in overall strength this season. But he wants to defeat his opponent, rap or the team’s most important defensive team.

Arizona State University has been completely dumb for the past two weeks in Michigan and San Diego with only 44 yards and 36 yards, respectively. It also forced quarterback Manny Wilkins to pass 94 times in two matches. Wilkins scored a good score of 61,721 yards, 3 strikes and 1 intercept to help the team win a game jerseys cheap.


In the face of such a good quarterback with good passing skills, rap’s second defense is particularly important. If Ralph can silence Wilkins’passing offense, the University of Washington is hopeful of three consecutive wins at home and a snowstorm of last season’s defeat.