The quarterback fined the collective denouncing the cowboy boss to compare the NFL to the boxing match.

Jerry Jones talks a lot every time he stands in front of the camera, and the chattering Dallas cowboy jerseys owner often lacks a filter for what he says. We’ve heard Jones’s comments about professional football and the dangers of concussion before, and now the league’s fouls against the quarterback are getting more and more fierce, which has caused Jones’discontent and made it clear that it’s not the same as the football game he wants to see.

In an interview Tuesday morning, Jones pointed out that “the salary of NFL players means how much risk they have to pay.” And Jones likens Rugby to boxing, arguing that professional boxers keep hitting each other on the head to bring entertainment and athletic atmosphere to fans.

“Listen, I attach great importance to junior football and amateur rugby. My view on the future of our league is that it is like staying in high school. I watched a college football game and they played very well and made the adjustments we’re talking about now. But back in professional football, in boxing terms, you don’t want to fight with a 10-ounce glove player with a 6-ounce glove, or you don’t want to fight with someone in a helmet. Unless you get more money, you are willing to take such risks. ” He likened the quarterback to a boxer with 6 ounces of gloves. Note: 6 ounces are the smallest size of boxing, the bigger the ounce, the more painful the beating.

Cowboy defensive forward Terren Crawford was fouled for hitting a quarterback after knocking down Russell Wilson in Sunday’s loss to the Seattle Hawks. After the game Jerry – Jones said: “This is not under the new rules of the collision quarterback, Crawford has been trying to hold the body.” Jones’s excuse is just the tip of the iceberg, which has been widespread in the past two weeks.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin expressed the same concern, he is not concerned about the team will not lose on the court, because the referee on the same scale for both teams. He worries that the successive blows are inexplicable, and that the constant disruption of the game will lead to a decline in the nfl jerseys cheap competitiveness and ornamental quality of rugby and eventually the loss of spectators.

Everyone is waiting for the alliance to give a reasonable explanation and come up with a feasible plan. Rugby is undoubtedly a dangerous sport, and what we call “danger” is the charm of the sport. The referee should not be the protagonist on the field, the essence of competitive sports also need to return to people, let the players decide the game.