28 days, 8 o’clock live video broadcast Viking vs ram: Vikings’ front-line frontline feared to be exploded.

Beijing time September 28, the NFL 2008-19 season officially kicked off in the fourth week, this week on Thursday night, the league’s hottest Los Angeles Rams jerseys will play the home game just lost to Fisher Bill, so that all NFL fans stunned the Minnesota Vikings.

The two line of attack and defense is weak. What do the Vikings take to kill sheep?

Half-court 0-27, full-court 6-27, if not personally seen, who can believe that this is the result of last season’s League finals and the first two seasons only 23 points lost 78 points between the team. But the collapse of the two fronts of the attack and defense brought the Minnesota Vikings fans jerseys to the tragedy.

In the last game, the Vikings left-hander, Riley Lev, was completely blown up in the first round, putting 33 pressures on Kirk Cosins, who was transferred from the Reds’high-paying team in the summer, 27 of whom were chased, three hit and three captured. Moreover, when the pocket protection is in a mess, the road ball will be even worse. After Darwin Cook was sidelined with a hamstring injury, the Vikings used only six strokes and scored a total of 14 yards. Even though Cossins had passed nearly 300 yards in full court, he could not save the team from becoming a laughing stock.

The defensive team, which has always been so proud of the Vikings fans in the last two seasons, is also infected. In front of Bill’s offensive front, only Josh Allen was pressed 5 times. Even though Allen’s professional preparation is inadequate, it’s never a problem for any first-round quarterback to simply stand in his pocket and pass the ball. The game, the core of the ball Evanson – Griffin will continue to be absent, I really do not know what the Vikings have to rely on to shake the Rams offensive front.

But with all that said, don’t forget how the Vikings hanged the league’s new rich rams last season. Mike Zimmer targeted McVeigh’s screen pass attack, completely locking the Rams’attack, and then defeated his opponent in that defensive battle with a wealth of experience. Mike Zimmer’s tactics are the ultimate winner for the Vikings in a difficult situation, but will the Rams really fall into the same ditch again? It’s hard to say.

Attack and defense are ranked second. What is the secret of the invincible ram?


According to the PFF score, by the end of the fourth week of the game, the Rams were second in the league in overall offensive and defensive scores. The offensive front and defensive front are the top of the league, which are just the weakest link against the Vikings. The Vikings won’t win much. But the seemingly invincible rams also hide their worries. That is the injury problem of two top league corner guards, Marcus Peters and Azib – tarib. Despite being chased 27 times in the last game, Coxins still delivered a good percentage of 40 of 55 passes, and Diggs and Syron could not be underestimated if he found space in the second line of the Bulls’defence.