What inspiration does the US NFL broadcast and promote to us?

It is not difficult to praise others, but it is useless to learn from them after praise. When it comes to how good foreign sports are, there will always be feedback like “we can’t learn” and “what can we learn”. This is a big mistake. It takes a long time to reach the standard of others, but it is not difficult to improve it on one’s own. Of course, Chinese football can not reach the level of France and Germany, but if it becomes the same as India, can fans be more satisfied than now?

NFL this top-level event broadcast and copyright promotion is not easy to learn, but it still has reference significance. The space is limited. Let’s focus on a little reflection: take the live broadcast as the core, concentrate on doing one thing well.

Competition is the foundation of sports. Business value and surrounding development are inseparable from competition. Super Bowl midfielders also watch more games in the United States than they do, but could it have had such a big impact without the Super Bowl as a stage? The success of the midfield show is precisely because of the perfect combination with the match.

Judging from the quantity, we have a lot of programs and derivatives on football and basketball, as well as some good quality things. But the main problem is that programs and live broadcast are out of touch. A large number of programs not only did not guide the live broadcast, but further dispersed the audience’s precious time. This involves a thinking question: Does the fragmentation of the user’s time mean that we can scramble for it in a fragmented way? Personally, I think the answer is No.

Under the existing conditions, live broadcasting and programs should be combined as much as possible, and even put the program into live broadcasting, to ensure that the audience can see as much as possible during this main viewing period. In this mode, Internet based small programs and short videos have their unique advantages. Embedding fragments into the whole rather than using fragments alone is often better. If we look closely at Tencent sports NFL broadcast this year, we have made some attempts to explore.

We may as well see how the British learn from the Americans. BT Sport has in-depth cooperation with ESPN in the United Kingdom, inheriting the copyright and basic team of ESPN, and drawing on ESPN’s many practices in the United States. Needless to say, the competition of BT and ESPN’s NFL jerseys live broadcast is very similar. Place Scottish Football Extra, a half-hour special on Scottish football, before the live broadcast of the game, and use social media to broadcast guests’answers to audience questions two hours before the game begins to enhance interaction.

These are certainly wise practices, because BT’s Soviet Union investment in resources and energy far from the Premier League, the need to use the best horses and men in the largest number of spectators live game, live broadcast itself as the only content to build. From cost to output, the effect is relatively best.

It is undeniable that the audience of live sports broadcasting in China is relatively limited (compared with sports jerseys in the United States, Britain and entertainment content in China), and the relevant media can not be invested regardless of output. How to use less resources to get better results is an important compulsory course for domestic sports events live broadcast and content production.