Eric Dekker sign Titan

The Tennessee Titans jerseys reached a 1 – year contract with former New York jet veteran Eric Dekker, and the Tennessee Titans’ receiving team has reached a fairly strong level.

New York jets cut off the 30 year old veteran in June 12th after the New York jets failed to find a deal on Dekker.

Eric – Dekker last year by too many injuries, he underwent hip and shoulder surgery in the autumn of last year, but this offseason Dekker’s body is good, before the jet cutting him did not appear what injuries.

Eric – Dekker last season only played three games, but not too many injuries in 2015, Eric – Dekker ball 80 times to complete 1027 yards and 12 touchdowns. He was the Denver Broncos overall pick in the first round of eighty-seventh in 2010, and was in effect for the Denver Broncos season, he had a number of receiving yards over 1000 yards and a touchdown over 10 seasons.

After joining the Titans, titans of the season the ball lineup has been reinforced greatly, they chose to shun Corey Davies rookie in the first round of fifth, plus new signings Eric Dekker, season the team on the offensive will get great protection.

Champion Xiu injury no harm, about to comeback

Champion to avoid parallel fate, minor injuries, about to return

Brown Cleveland team rookie champion Meyers Gareth was injured in last Tuesday in Cleveland, Brown’s team in the Tennessee Titans jerseys training of departure, this one a ripple, a time so many Cleveland Brown fans feel very sad, even some people think that Gareth’s injury will make him become a smuggled goods when Gareth left ankle. The injured with serious outsiders can not know, but in the detailed results on the disclosure on Sunday, Meyers Gareth was just his sprained ankle, but not much.

When worrying about Garrett may miss because after injury for a longer period of time in the Cleveland game, Brown in the United States on Saturday announced Garrett just a sprained ankle, but the top players will probably return to the team in July about training.

Meyers – Gareth in training on Tuesday because in training try to kill Bullock – a Oswald veller, results when the situation is very fierce, Gareth lay on the ground in pain, one hand to hold the head, a hand holding his left foot tumbling, let people feel that Gareth’s injury may be very serious.

But after Brown said after a lot of professional uniform consultation, all these experts said Gareth just sprained ankle. Recently Meyers Gareth need to wear protective shoes and treatment, until fully recovered Gareth Brown in July to participate in the 27 month training camp. Gareth and Brown signed a huge rookie contract, 5 years worth of $30 million 400 thousand, including the already paid Gareth $20 million signing bonus, only Gareth remained healthy, Brown pay will not cast to the wind.