Ten fingers, deformation but extraordinary achievements

Hamburger is Edelman’s love, he did not know how much the offseason patronize burger, but may be the last league inspirational story than a copy from rolia, the first Eddie Reci lose money two not mistake, after the Seahawks Diego science diet flattered, practicing the most taboo desire, as the saying goes, fire fish, meat phlegm, cabbage and tofu security and peace, Edelman also had to reluctantly part. With the increase of age, outstanding at another batch of physical condition of young people, it will have an old say feeling, more and more experience to survive in this league is a very luxury thing.

People can only think of one season only 16 weeks, but for the players this is a 365 day of work must be nervous, NFL lack of Zhongyong story in the offseason you have to think about how to improve next year, to get what you want, but the premise is you have to have a good shape. Remember the fantastic play Super Bowl that night at the ball, he is in awe, think of the ankle ball “luck in, is the so-called seven days to fight on three points.
The usual Edelman training will choose to use different colors and different colors of tennis, use different hands, then at different angles in response to different color, every morning he will improve their ability to react through such training. After the end of Super Bowl Edelman, specially for the guy to help him pitch, tennis training credit every day. Now you have become the magic hand, said even after adding right hand Bo curriculum practice after not unique martial arts?

“Legend of the Condor Heroes” in the first big picture “iron hand water drift down a pair of fur, strengthened reputed martial arts, and swept Liuhe, eight. I do not know who is Edelman by pointing or in a mountain cave steal the martial arts cheats, was well versed in this. In addition to best magic hands, he will be filled with rice in the GIT, finger from left to right turn for 30 seconds, then reverse the direction of rotation, and then his hand clenched, clutching the rice, continues to rotate, the last fingers and make a pistol shaped, stabbed to the bottom, and then come back, this is a cycle. If things go on like this, the Iron Palm Kung Fu is slightly small, in the super bowl to complete one or two guards from when the ball be nothing difficult.

It is said that these wild ways are the old Edelman taught him, for training, is up until after another, internal doors, sliding rolling. Old Egypt put one arm of little Egyptian on his back, or only one hand, and then his sister kept throwing tennis at little face. What’s more, old Egyptian will wear sunglasses or stick one eye together and catch the ball with one eye and one hand. When Edelman as a player, he quickly changed his role as the son of a mentor.

Success comes at a price, ten fingers Edelman are deformed, which is in competition or training injuries, but have been unable to reset. Sometimes, as a wide receiver also need to cover in the interception, when faced with a line of health or safety, trying to capture their shoulder armor, clap too fast, fingers will be caught, you notice that it has towards a direction that didn’t belong to him. He was also suffering from several injuries, including his broken legs and arms, but I was blessed with a steady career, and for him it was an experience and a treasure. There’s an old saying: “you can’t put the club in the bathtub.”.” The player is not the same with other industries, not to play the game to get paid, the contract is not guaranteed, and even affect their own occupation career, including 2015 seasons left foot fracture, two surgeries, and when he returned, people delighted to discover that the injury doesn’t take him down, but let him become stronger, it is the wealth of experience is also for him.

Edelman was selected by the Patriots in the seventh round of the 2009 draft 232, with only 69 catches in his first four seasons. Now the Edelman has become the number one in high and vigorous spirits and patriots team took over, Brady is the most trusted person. Even if he is not gifted, he has left his footprints on the road of common use, not forgetting his mind.