Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers linebacker Reggie Gilbert during rookie minicamp. Mandatory Credit:

Reggie Bert Kiel rookie season spent in the packaging industry training field, learning new position and how to call the secret service. The outside guard now feels that he has been able to contribute to the packers.
Gilbert said: “I want to contribute more to the team, not just in training. I will try to get better.”

Gilbert played defensive side at the University of Arizona, played 57 games, won 143 capture, 14 capture. Unfortunately, he has become a draft talent and adapted to the duties of line guards and secret service groups. Gilbert himself is well aware that the ability to play secret service determines whether he will enter the final list.

“It’s all I’ve never known.”.” Gilbert said, “I know I didn’t perform well in the secret service last year, so I worked hard and played hard.”

Julius – Pembers – Jones and Datong have left the packers, they also chose the four round linebacker Vince Birger.

Sid Deshawn – injured sea hawks right corner candidates whirling.

The Seattle Seahawks game moment

This year’s explosive Corps is a bit more uncertain than it used to be.

Richard – Sherman, Earl – Thomas and Kim – money Eisner position remains unchanged, but the right angle of nfl jerseys wholesale health selection has not yet determined. A reporter may list on the staff, DeShawn Sid since January against the Falcon ACL tear, is still in the recovery process, unable to participate in the first week of the games, which are most likely to play is Jeremy Ryan, Thorpe and Shaquille, Griffin is also a competitive.

According to coach Pete Carol, Ryan is currently the most dominant, but let him serve as the right corner guard, representing Seattle, need to find another five points guard. Super Bowl 49, five point guard Ryan was injured after the change, the defense team’s collapse just proved his importance.

This is probably the most satisfying situation if the three wheel show Griffin can adapt to the five point guard in the training camp, or be able to do the outside task during the pass, so that Ryan can cut in.