Patriot Super Bowl Jedi Reversal or Beckham’s Single Hand Catching

Today, in line with the principle that everything can be ranked, we have sorted out a few Allow our NFL fans to choose the best moment in our minds before the start of the 100th season. The selection has nothing to do with the sense of superiority and the chain of contempt. I hope to take you all to a good look at the ball in the new season.

Lynch Beast Model Induces Earthquakes

During the 2010-11 season, defending champion Saints fought against Seahawks, and Seahawk runner Lynch made a 67-yard dash, breaking free or dodging 9 grabs on the way. The nickname of the Beast Model was heard all over the world, and the crazy jump celebrations of Seahawk fans at that time allowed nearby seismographs to detect data.

Simpson’s Flip Arrival

At the end of the regular season of 2011-12, when the Tigers took over Simpson, the forward flip and jump defensive players arrived, as well as the steady landing movement, completed the gymnastics horse-vaulting arrival, ranking first in many of the top ten balls of the year.

Butler’s one-yard interception

With 20 seconds left in the 49th Super Bowl, Haiying pushed one yard ahead of the scoring line and firmly took the lead. cheap jerseys wholesale But Haiying unexpectedly chose the passing tactics. The ball was intercepted by Butler, then the patriot’s captain guard. This interception made the 4th patriot crown and was also the source of the disintegration of the Haiying detonation Corps in many people’s minds.

Giants Terry Helmet Catches the Ball

The 42nd Super Bowl Giants played against Patriots. With two minutes to go, Eli Manning, the Giant quarterback, stood out and passed the ball. David Terry, his teammate, leaped up and firmly clipped the ball between his hand and helmet to catch the ball, which eventually helped the Giant defeat the previously victorious patriots.

Minneapolis Miracle

It can also be called Minnesota Miracle. It’s the 2007-18 League of Nations playoff division round. The Vikings play against the saints. The backward Vikings finish the connection at the last minute. The saints miss their grip surprisingly. The Vikings take over Diggs and rush into the field to finish the killing.

Philadelphia Special Supply

In the 52nd Super Bowl jerseys, the Eagles fought against the Patriots and showed no weakness to each other. The Eagles chose four strokes in front of the scoring line and unexpectedly used fraudulent tactics. Quarter-guard Nick Fowles completed the catch. This tactic was known as the “Philadelphia Special Provision” and was praised by many as the most daring battle in history. Operational choice.

Beckham Jr. catches the ball with one hand

Beckham started the rookie season with a burst. In the Sunday night game against the cowboys, Beckham completed a difficult one-handed catch in the process of being fouled and leaning back, which was rated by many media as the best catch in history.

Edelman catches the ball magically

In the 51st Super Bowl, Patriots were crushed at the beginning and scored hard in the second half. Edelman stepped forward to catch the ball magically in countless legs and hands, and became one of the heroes of the great reversal.