Los Angeles Rams jerseys and Proximity Front Taylor Higby for 4 Years

Los Angeles Rams has not stopped offering new jersey contracts.

One day after signing a huge contract of $134 million with Jared Goff, the ram announced a four-year extension with Tyler Higbee. This will ensure that he plays for the Rams until 2023.

Highby’s basic salary under the new contract will reach $31.125 million, with a maximum value of more than $36 million and a guaranteed income of $15.5 million.

Since being selected in the fourth round of 2016, Highby has been steadily contributing to the Goat offensive team. Last season he made 24 catches and made 292 yards and two touchups. He played a key role in the Rams’victory over the New Orleans Saints in the League of Nations final earlier this year. In the third quarter, he completed one catch and two catch in overtime.

The 26-year-old started every game in the past two seasons, completing Taylor Higby jersey 58 catches and reaching 658 yards four times in his career.