The third training course for NFL waist flag coaches and referees began to register

The first NFL FLAG Rugby coaches and referees certification training course was successfully concluded. The three-day and two-night training not only improves the coaching level of waist-flag football coaches jerseys all over the country, standardizes the criteria of judgement and punishment of referees, but also provides opportunities for in-depth exchanges among rugby players, and promotes the popularization and development of waist-flag football in the new competition area in 2017.

In order to meet the needs of domestic waist-flag football fans, train more professional teachers of waist-flag football in primary and secondary schools, expand the team of coaches and referees for NFL 2017 waist-flag football match, and carry out the second certification training for coaches and referees by Aiqiubao (Beijing) Rugby Culture Development Co., Ltd.

Aiqiubao (Beijing) Rugby Culture Development Co., Ltd. is the sole sponsor of NFL Waist Flag Rugby in China and a partner of NFL Play60.

Training Advantages

Authoritativeness – The most influential and authoritative certificate of NFL waist flag Rugby coaches and referees will be obtained for training qualified trainees.

Professionalism – The training nfl coach team jerseys has rich training experience and practical experience of football. It combines theory with practice to gain professional and authoritative experience of rugby teaching.

Practicality – Excellent performers have the opportunity to participate in the enforcement of NFL China Waist Flag Rugby and the popularization and promotion of Waist Flag Rugby.

Course Arrangement and Equipment Requirements

Indoor courses in the morning, practical exercises in the afternoon and indoor training in the evening.

Students need to prepare sports clothes, sneakers and whistles.

Training Course Time: 2019.10.22

Location of training course: Wangchaoyuan Resort, Shunyi District, Beijing