Celebrity Jerry Rice: 49ers can win the Super Bowl this season

San Francisco 49ers jerseys have made tremendous progress, starting the season with two consecutive wins.

Now one of the greatest players in the team’s history thinks they can hit bigger targets.

Jerry Rice said in an interview that he believed the team could win the Super Bowl this season.

“I think they may have to go back to Youngston for training,” Rice said with a laugh about the training schedule for 49ers last week. “They have to stay in that hotel. They have to eat ice cream there. They just have to concentrate on playing. If they do that, I feel they have a good chance of winning the Super Bowl jersey nfl.

After the first week of the tournament against the Tampa Bay pirates, 49ers did not return to California but went directly to Ohio for pre-match preparations. Team coach Kyle Shanahan believes it will help them win the second week of the game against the Cincinnati Tigers.

In addition to optimizing the team’s prospects, Rice also praised the offensive team, creative offensive tactics and the progress of the rookie outsider (Deebo Samuel).

“I don’t want to judge too early,” Rice said. “But I’m starting to feel a little bit competitive. These people really look like a strong team.

Maybe 49ers need to win more games to prove their competitiveness, but at least they are on track.