The career bowl vote in 2020 begins! Support your favorite players!

This season’s professional bowl will be held in Orlando at 4:00 a.m. on January 27, 2020. At present, player voting has been started and will last for about a month.

Last year’s professional bowl, the United States led by Pongo beat the League of nations led by brith 26-7.

Last year, eight Steelers were ranked first, cheap jerseys nfl followed by lightning’s seven and chief, Texas’s six.

In the League of nations, the saints, cowboys, and bears all have eight players, followed by the giants and eagles.

This year’s professional bowl voting, fans can only choose, each team’s several specific players, the way to choose is through the nfl players jerseys position on the field, each time can choose 6 players to vote unlimited times.

Come and vote for your favorite player!

Nfl 2020 professional bowl official voting website click the link to participate in voting