Summary of NFL in the past 100 years

In the long river of life, ten years is not short. For NFL players, ten years means the end of their lives. For veteran players like Tom Brady, ten years means more than half of their lives.

For NFL, another 10 years later, the league is celebrating its centenary this year. NFL has been the most popular sports league in the United States in 2010-19 years. In these 10 years, NFL has undergone tremendous changes. Recently ESPN has made a summary of the changes of the league in the past 10 years. Let’s have a look!

End of moving life

In this decade, five teams in the league have moved to new stadiums, and in 2020, three teams will use new stadiums. To a large extent, this will make NFL teams jerseys more stable in their respective cities, and reduce the risk of drifting and moving.

More and more new stadiums, most of their construction costs are from the city’s public funds. The increase of billions of public themselves has also doubled the annual revenue of the alliance, from 8.5 billion dollars to 17 billion dollars.

In this upsurge, the lightning team and the rams gave up San Diego and St. Louis respectively and moved to Los Angeles, which is more profitable. The Raiders will also leave Auckland for Las Vegas next year.

Next year, ram and lightning will be able to use Los Angeles’s new stadium, Sofi stadium, and Raiders will use allegiant stadium in Auckland. Now the NFL has no obvious threat of relocating, except that there are teams who want to move to London.

But there are always teams that are prepared, as Eric Krugman, a former NFL executive, said in 2017: “even if you have a new house, the next 30 years will be safe.” But now the relocation heat is over, at least for a while.

University tactics flow into NFL jerseys china

Now the coaches of NFL are undergoing the baptism of high school and college football tactics. The reason for this phenomenon is that the training time of young quarterback is limited, so the coaches have to reduce changes and let young people play more familiar college football tactics.

At present, NFL’s shotgun position proportion has increased from 56% 10 years ago to 79%, which directly leads to a 36% increase of quarterback’s charging yards, a 13% decrease of running guard’s charging yards and a 6% decrease of average pushing yards per pass.

The success rate of passing increased from 60.5% to 64%, because the running guards got more chances to catch the ball (17%). It is the general trend of NFL’s development in the future that the team’s passing attack is more than the rushing attack.

The era of streaming media begins

The dominance of NFL competition in TV programs need not be described in detail, but in the past decade, TV ratings have declined. At the same time, the rise of streaming media makes NFL more and more widely spread online.

As a result, the alliance gradually cooperated with Yahoo and Twitter to carry out simultaneous live broadcasting, and even set up an independent commentator in Amazon to serve members. Last year’s TV ratings rebounded sharply, while the rising trend of streaming media is not big, but the growth is stable.

The question now is whether NFL will find a partner on the Internet to grant exclusive copyright. As the broadcasting agreement between cheap NFL jerseys and TV expires in 2022, it may give NFL the idea of finding an exclusive streaming partner.