Show the action guide personally

The afternoon of July 17th, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson appeared in Shanghai, attended the special for the fans, the fans Chinese olive held training camp. In 1.5 hours, Wilson provides professional guidance for Young Players Championship scene, but also to share their insights and opinions for football development prospects of NFL football in china.

At the end of the tour in Shanghai, Wilson will travel to Beijing to continue his cultural experience and the NFL Rugby promotion tour. Since 2010, the number of people interested in NFL in China has increased from 1 million 600 thousand to 19 million, an increase of 11 times. The number of people participating in organized Rugby matches also increased by 6 times in 7 years to 6500 people. With the rapid development and influence of American football in China, football fans and media have further promoted the popularity and development of rugby in china.

Werwilson and small football enthusiasts interactive teaching, presentation skills through the ball, throw the ball, play the game the way to let the kids feel the fun and charm of football.

As the youngest of the league’s quarterback, Wilson, 28, has only 5 years of career, but has won a Super Bowl champion, and three degrees selected professional bowl lineup achievements. The height of only 1 meters 8. He has a strong arm and superior speed and flexibility, so that it can not only find out when outgoing yijizhiming can get rid of a defensive ball score. In the 5 season, Werwilson has achieved 64 victories, winning percentage as high as 70.1%, but also the most active players in May after Tom Brady wins the quarterback.

7 in late, Shanghai hot and humid, but there are still more than 200 olive fans, enthusiasts, regardless of the heat came to the scene, looking forward to close contact with the star quarterback. At 3:30 in the afternoon, the training camp officially opened the curtain, Russell Wilson in a warm warm applause on the pitch. In the face of Shanghai local, age, young players, Wilson not only explained the technical points, but also personally for young players carried out targeted demonstrations and guidance. In addition, Wilson also on-site guidance between the Titans and the Shanghai nighthawks 7V7 game. His professional and unassuming attitude and dynamic leader qualities impressed the participants at the scene. Wilson was also happy to be able to come to China and teach football skills to young players: “I’m excited to be here. This is my first trip to China.”. And being able to teach young players how to play is exactly what I want to do. I am planning a trip to China every year to participate in a career that has a positive impact on sport and youth development”.

In fact, the young Super Bowl champion has long been concerned about the development of teenagers. Since the rookie season, Russell Wilson has insisted on visiting Seattle children’s hospital every Tuesday for comfort and encouragement for children and families struggling with the disease. In 2014, he founded a personal charity foundation called Why Not You. The foundation calls for public attention to issues such as pediatrics, cancer and domestic violence through funding and social and organizational activities to promote public welfare activities. Its ultimate goal is to create a real and lasting change for young people to help them grow as leaders of tomorrow. And the phrase “Why Not You” comes from Wilson’s late father. When I was young, my father asked me, “why can’t you be Russell?”. The question keeps ringing in my ears”. In his opinion, “why can’t you” is the father left his precious philosophy, it has been encouraged to believe that even if Wilson self, anterior many hardships, individuals can also realize the dream, extraordinary achievements.

The rapid development of NFL has attracted much attention

On father’s day, Wilson came to Seattle children’s hospital to express condolences to the fathers who fought against the severe pediatric illness.

Today, Wilson, who has come to China across the hemisphere, has passed on this inspirational belief to Chinese olive fans and enthusiasts, in addition to teaching Rugby professional skills. Asked how to view the development of NFL football in China, he said seriously: “today’s activities have made me see many potential young players.”. As long as they continue to guide them to scientific training and to deepen their understanding of the sport, rugby will certainly take a place among young chinese. As for breaking into NFL, why not? In the future, our league must have the opportunity to appear Chinese players figure.”