Quarterback byzad returns to the team after the death of his brother

The 49ers have been given a valuable break this week in the rotation, and they have also welcomed the return of a teammate.

C.J. beatard has returned to the team, spending the past few days with his family to heal china jerseys the pain of his brother’s death in Nashville.

Clayton and Paul trapeni were stabbed to death in a fight in the early hours of December 21. Like his brother, Clayton is the grandson of a member of the hall of fame.

After the 17th week’s victory, (Jimmy garoppolo) and (Nick Mullens) posed for a picture in support, hoping to let byzad experience the company and encouragement of his teammates.

For personal reasons, Emmanuel Sanders did not train on Friday. According to the team, the cause is not related to injuries.

After this week’s wild card game, nfl 49ers jerseys sales will know who they will fight in the division.