Tennessee Titans runner Derek Henry set a postseason record

Titans of Tennessee won the playoffs for the second time this year with the help of derrick Henry.

In an interview with the media last week, the Baltimore Ravens jerseys security guard (Earl Thomas) talked about Henry’s performance in the face of the New England patriot. He claimed that the Patriot defender did not seem willing to try to catch Henry. He also said he felt that the crow’s “mentality is somewhat different”. In view of Henry’s achievements in the first place in the number of yards and his performance in the postseason, this kind of evaluation is rather disrespectful.

When the crow faced the Titans, Henry responded to Thomas with practical actions. In one shot, Thomas, who was trying to catch Henry, was pushed away by the former and turned in place, while Henry continued to hit, finishing a 27 yard shot.

In addition to responding to the disrespect for himself, Henry finished 30 times to get 195 yards and 1 pass to the formation. This made him the first player in history to score at least 175 yards in two games in a single playoff season, and the first player to do so in two consecutive games.

When Titans won again, what Henry showed in the game was that Tennessee Titans jerseys cheap was proving that his strategy of mainly attacking the ball was right, and would continue to rely on this strategy to rush to the champion.