If you ask about the world’s biggest sport, you’d say it’s football, but in Far North America, people here are more fond of NFL.

NLF is the largest professional football league in the world and one of the most commercialized sports leagues in North America. In the United States, NFL is a very appealing League. The NFL Super Bowl finals will attract the eyes of the United States and the world, and its attention and audience rating are even more explosive. It is called “American Spring Festival Gala”.

Football opening

The influence of Super Bowl in the United States is second to none. Many stars engaged in other sports will come to the scene to experience this super game.

Kobe Bryant watched the Super Bowl live

The 54th Super Bowl in 2020 will be held on February 3, Beijing time. Kansas City Chiefs jerseys and San Francisco 49ers will compete for the final title. Because of the unfortunate experience of basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, there will be some ways to remember Kobe Bryant in the coming Super Bowl.

American football is a sport with the largest number of players. A team can have 53 players. At the same time, each team is divided into attack group, defense group and secret service group. Each game has 11 players. Some or all players on the field can be replaced at any time. The purpose is to reduce the score of the other side, and try to score as many as possible. At the end of the game, the one with the higher score is the final winner.

American football

The standard American football is divided into four sections, each of which is 15 minutes. The first and second sections are defined as the first half, the third and fourth sections as the second half, and the half-time break is 12 minutes. The half-time break of the super bowl will be a super feast of vision and hearing by the big guys. Meanwhile, the half-time show of the whole stadium is also known as a pearl of the sports crown.

The charm of rugby

American football is also a very barbaric sport. Collision, fracture, violence and conflict are prevalent in every football game jersey. However, injuries do not diminish Americans’ love for this sport, and on the contrary, they will make them more excited. This violent movement seems to be out of reach for the vast majority of Chinese people.

Legendary quarterback Tom Brady

The 54th super bowl is about to shake. On February 3, 2020, Beijing time, at the hard rock stadium in Miami, Florida, the United States, the ultimate battle of the world champion will be kicked off. At that time, legendary star Jennifer Lopez will join hands with singer Shakira to jointly present a fiery super bowl midfield show.

Rush to kill

With the popularity of digital and network media, NFL football jerseys cheap is growing explosively in China. The brave men, hard work, tactical command and excellent team cooperation shown by players in football games are liked and appreciated by Chinese fans. I believe that NFL will soon be warmly welcomed by many fans.