It’s your constant impact that gives football Chinese power!

Many years ago, no one thought that the Chinese could also stand on the football field. This sport has always been regarded as a western sport

As early as the early 20th century, rugby has entered China. At present, the earliest known football match took place in Xiamen, Fujian Province in 1908

Since then, Chinese players have been working hard step by step to enter the professional stage of rugby. Their unremitting efforts and hard work have gradually paid off

More and more Chinese players are also on the international stage. From the NFL European League to the NFL, the players from China have made the world realize the power of China. Today, we will take a moment to introduce some predecessors who have influenced Chinese football jerseys

Li Chaoran: football from sport to life

In the summer vacation of 2006, Li Chaoran, who finished his junior year, first met rugby. Driven by freshness, Li Chaoran, a football centre back, signed up to be a rugby player

For the dream of rugby, Li Chaoran went to the United States for training very early.

Li Chaoran will also feel nervous when he stands in the European arena of NFL for the first time. After retiring and returning home, Li Chaoran continues to work in rugby. He and many friends who love Rugby want to bring NFL games to China, but the “China bowl” failed to be held in the end

But later, Li Chaoran participated in NFL China and established the Chinese college students’ waist flag football league. More and more young people began to know the sport

Li Chaoran didn’t expect to work in rugby. He wanted to find a job to start another life after retiring, but his love for rugby drove him all the way to the present

During the training period of Jaguar, Ding long felt the deepest, that is, the professional training of NFL team, and strictly abide by the time when meeting, or he might be directly dismissed by the team

Seeing the rapid development of rugby in China, Ding long was also very excited. More and more young people join in the football game to provide more good prospects for Chinese football, and more scouts will also pay attention to Chinese players to provide them with better opportunities to enter the NFL

Wang Kai: first Chinese NFL jerseys

Although Ding long failed to stand on the NFL stage, in 2010, Wang Kai completed the dream of Chinese American players to step on the NFL. Wang Kai was born into a sports family. Both his parents had been in the Olympic Games for the Chinese team

Born in the United States, Wang Kai has been involved in rugby since he was 6 years old. After his retirement, Wang Kai has been engaged in rugby. In his opinion, the biggest gap between China and the United States lies in the popularity of this sport among teenagers

All cities in the United States have youth rugby league. They train and play regularly every week. However, more and more young people in the country begin to contact rugby and participate in the sport through waist flag rugby

Wang Kai was also very happy to see the vigorous development of Chinese Rugby jersey. He believes that more and more young people will step onto the higher stage of rugby in the future, and that small players will have more Rugby idols from China.