New season NFL playoffs or major changes to join the team to increase the rotation privileges to reduce

A new labor agreement is under negotiation and is expected to be reached next week, according to league sources. In the new jersey labor agreement, the biggest change is the playoff system. If a new labor agreement is reached, the new playoff system will take effect from next season.

Under the new labor agreement framework, the number of League of nations and the United States to participate in the playoffs will be increased to 7, while the number of regular season teams will be increased to 17, and the number of corresponding pre-season games will be reduced to 3.

Compared with the current situation that there are two teams in the round, only one team in the new playoff system can enjoy the round. Therefore, there will be great changes in the schedule of the whole playoffs. There will be six games in the foreign card round, three of which are scheduled to be held on Saturday and the other three on Sunday.

If the new labor agreement is passed, the new playoff system will take effect in 2020. NFL playoffs jerseys wholesale If this system is used in the playoffs this year, Los Angeles Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers will also be eligible for the playoffs. “There is no difference between the two sides on this issue, and a consensus has been reached a long time ago,” said a person familiar with labor negotiations

In addition, the players in the foreign card rotation team will be paid playoff salary that week. Under the current labor agreement, the players who make complaints about the outer card wheel are not paid. This problem has been spun out by many players, and the future will be solved at last.

Now the labor agreement negotiations have reached the final stage of the sprint, including allowing players to agree to extend the regular season to 17 games, which is still under negotiation between the two sides, and even if it is approved, it will not be implemented until the 2021 season at the earliest.

“The new labor agreement has not yet been fully finalized. There is no list of relevant terms, and relevant issues are still under discussion. cheap jerseys online nfl .But it’s not likely to be until the start of the new season. If that’s the big news