Brith is expected to be the 20th player to play in the 20th season

Few in the league have been as consistent, as drew Brees has been.

Bris has publicly announced that he will continue to play in the 2020 season, which gives him hope to continue to achieve landmark achievements. When he plays the first offense in 2020, he will be the 20th player in NFL history to play for at least 20 seasons.

Bris, 41, is currently the first player in the league in terms of passing yards (77416 yards) and passing touchdowns (547 times). Tom Brady, the second-largest player in yards, nfl jerseys usa had 74571 yards and 541 passes. Therefore, in the new season, Brady and bris may catch up in the number of passes.

Of the 19 players who have played in the League for 20 seasons, 6 have entered the NFL’s historical best team, and 6 have been inducted into the Professional Football Hall of fame.

Given that bris is nearing the end of his career, it is possible that he and Brady will be the only quarterback who has played for at least 20 seasons but only two teams at most.

Before bris, five quarterbacks played for at least 20 seasons. Among them, of course, are Brady, Brett Favre, Earl Morrall jerseys, Vinny testaverde and George blanda, who have played 26 seasons.

In his 20th season, despite criticism of the decline in performance, Brady’s passing reached the formation 24 times, making him the quarterback with the largest number of passes in his 20th season. If bris gets 25 passes, he will put another record in his pocket.