Cincinnati Bengals may be active in the free agent Market

The Cincinnati Bengals’ lineup is full of holes at the moment. But after the team’s worst record in the League last season, it is still believed that they will not actively recruit in the free agent market.

However, Ian Rapoport, an NFL television network reporter, reported on Tuesday that the Bengals are expected to be aggressive in the free agent market.

“Some of the things I learned in Indianapolis were that it was really the opposite of what the outside world thought of Bengals,” Rapoport said. “First of all, I think they will do something in the free agent market. I’m not sure they will make big contracts for the top players, but I expect them to be active in trying to sign free players at the upper middle level. There are many holes in their squad. They want to improve. Of course, some players can help a team that needs help at all levels. I expect the Bengals to be aggressive. ”

The Bengals currently have about $44 million in salary space, but they can try to save more space. NFL Possible operations include trading Andy Dalton, a $17.5 million quarterback.


Historically, the Cincinnati Bengals jerseys cheap have spent more money on retaining their players than in the free agent market.

“Since 2011, the Bengals have been in the middle of the league, 15th in player spending,” said Rapoport. “Since 2013, they are 12th, so they are in the first half of the league. In 2016, they actually ranked sixth in the league. So they may not be able to bring in free agents from other teams, but if you are a young player in their squad, a good player… They will give you a big contract. Part of the reason they want to be active is because they want to attract (Joe burrow), part of the reason is that they see dissatisfaction with the outside world

The Bengals are willing to spend money to keep their players, but in the past five years, they have paid only the 30th guaranteed income in the league. Teams usually use high guaranteed income to attract good players in the free player market.

In addition to the possibility of leaving A.J. green with a privileged player tag, the Bengals have other holes to fill. The Cincinnati Bengals need to new nfl jerseys strengthen the attack front line, the defense team needs to be in every position to recruit, including the outside cross and line guard.