Members of the NFL players’ Union jerseys voted for a new labor agreement, which will lay the foundation for labor relations between the NFL and the players over the next 11 seasons.

The final vote was 1019 in favor and 959 against. The new labor agreement will come into effect from the next 2020 season and continue to 2030 season.

Notable changes in the new collective agreement include the option to add one team to the playoffs for each of the two federations as early as 2020, to expand the regular season to 17 games from 2021, and to increase the minimum wage, performance-based bonus and player share.

Two federations each have seven teams in the playoffs, which means the No. 2 seed team will no longer be eligible for the first round. In addition to the top seed, the remaining three division championship teams will play against the foreign card teams.

After the adoption of the new labor agreement, the players’ share will be increased. Their share will be 47% in 2020, then at least 48% in 2021, and will rise to 48.5% in any 17 game season with a new TV contract.

Players with a contract with the league’s base salary can be paid more, and their performance-based bonuses can be increased by at least 12% on average. The League expects players to receive an immediate $100 million in salary by 2020.

The team can now keep 55 players in the lineup, reducing the training time of wearing armor during the training camp from 28 to 16 times, and reducing the training time of wearing armor from 3 hours to 2.5 hours each time.

The new labor agreement will also benefit retired players, whose benefits and pensions will increase. Profits from the sale of NFL Jerseys will be provided to the players for protection.

The owners of each NFL team voted for a new labor agreement on February 20. The next day, the 32 member NFL players’ Union voted for the agreement on behalf of the committee, but the 11 member NFL players’ Union Executive Committee decided to the contrary and refused to recommend the agreement to the members by 6 votes against 5 votes.

After the deadlock of the new labor agreement, the NFL and the players’ Union continued to negotiate during the comprehensive inspection camp. At that time, the NFL players’ union representative committee sent the new labor agreement to all union members for voting by 17 votes in favor of 14 votes against 1 abstention, but did not recommend whether it was passed or not.

After the new labor agreement is passed, the team can start to prepare for the new league year. In addition, the team needs to decide on Monday whether to use cheap nfl jerseys the privilege tag or the transition tag on the players.