Eagles refuses to send a coach to inspect NFL rookies on the spot

According to ESPN, with the global outbreak of new coronavirus increasing, major sports leagues in North America have taken urgent measures to strengthen prevention and treatment of related issues. The NFL League, which is in a long off-season, seems to have just escaped the storm. But in fact, although the NFL League is not in the schedule, the preparation plan of each team is still affected by the new championship epidemic.

The 2020 NFL Draft conference is approaching. At this time in previous years, all NFL teams will send coaches to the scene to inspect rookie players on the rookie observation day to prepare their own draft list. cheap jerseys But now, because of the new coronavirus epidemic, NFL teams have to make some choices. Just as the Philadelphia Eagles did on rookie watch day, because of the fear of accidentally infecting the new crown virus, none of the eagles’ coaching team members went to the rookie watch day to consider the players. At the same time, all the eagles’ scouts will take the place of the coaches to participate in rookie Watch day.

According to people familiar with the matter, there are many reasons why the Philadelphia Eagles don’t let the coaching team visit the rookies on the spot. The team hopes that the coaches can stay in Philadelphia to prepare for free players, draft Convention and other off-season plans. However, it is worth mentioning that the new crown virus is the most important reason affecting the eagles. But now the problem is that there is no time to delay the form of the new crown virus in the United States. Instead of the Hawks’ coaching team, the scouts who go to rookie observation day can only ask for their own blessings.

At present, the NBA has declared an emergency suspension due to the virus infection of Utah Jazz center player Gerber; MLB major league has announced the cancellation of the remaining Spring Training Jersey schedule and the postponement of the start of the regular season for at least two weeks; NHL Hockey League jerseys china and MLS Major League have made similar decisions; and this season’s NCAA University Baseball Championship and NCAA men and women The basketball championships have also been cancelled.

In a statement released on Tuesday morning local time, the NFL announced that “the League will continue to pay close attention to the development of the new coronavirus”. In addition, the league has been in close contact with the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the United States, the NFL players’ Union and medical experts in epidemic disease control at Duke University. Currently, the NFL League does not consider changing the NFL Draft conference held in Las Vegas in late April, but if the impact of the epidemic is further, the NFL may change.

In addition, various NFL teams are also discussing the methods of epidemic prevention and control. According to the source, china an American League team is considering whether to reduce the trial training of free players and restrict players from entering the team during the off-season.

In addition to the Philadelphia Eagles, cheap Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys are also changing plans for some coaches, uniform teams and scouts to join rookie watch day. “We have temporarily adjusted the team’s travel plan because it has to do with rookie observation,” confirmed Burt Lauten, Pittsburgh Steelman’s director of public relations. All in all, at present, each NFL team will send representatives to participate in the rookie observation force held all over the country, but all tolerance personnel are strictly required to take protective measures.