Brady turns to Buccaneers to learn new tactics with low attitude: adapt to the new environment and expect new challenges

NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers officially announced that the team signed Tom Brady. According to previous news, Brady’s new contract is two years, with an annual salary of about $30 million.

On March 17, NFL legend Tom Brady announced on the social platform that the new season will play for other teams besides the New England Patriots jerseys. Playing for 20 years, six Super Bowl Champions, the legendary superstar will start a new journey.

If I’ve learned anything from rugby, it’s that you’ve earned the trust and respect of the people around you. I started a new journey and thank the Buccaneers for giving me a chance to do what I love. I look forward to meeting all my new teammates and coaches and proving to them that they can trust and trust me I’ve always believed that doing well is better than saying well, so I won’t say too much, I’m going to start working! ” Brady posted photos of the signing on social media and wrote.

Tom Brady has a legendary NFL career, nine times in 20 seasons, six times in the super bowl and won the championship. At the same time, he is also the MVP of four times in the super bowl and three times in the regular season. Brady teamed up with coach Billy Chek to create a patriot Dynasty in the 21st century.

Tom Brady remembers that his idol Joe Montana wore a 49ers Jersey in 1992, the season after Montana joined the Emirates. He watched Montana’s 14-year-old 49ers farewell performance, perhaps at that time, at the age of 15, he vaguely felt the cruelty of the league. Now it’s his turn to experience the plot. Not long ago, he officially announced that he would leave his 20-year-old New England patriot to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady’s idol Montana and then the team chiefs

“I’ll never forget that game,” Brady said of Montana’s 49ers farewell to the war at a press conference on Tuesday. “I just want to continue my life even in the face of more changes. Fortunately, I still have the chance to continue playing and lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team Tom Brady 12# jerseys,

It was this love that led him to turn 43 in August and choose to move away from the fabulous Fort Fox of the past 20 years to a team that has never been in the playoffs since 2007. Pirates haven’t won any playoffs since winning the Super Bowl in 2002.

Brady didn’t ask for any special treatment, and despite what he said, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers jerseys team wouldn’t turn a blind eye to his advice; after all, the “best” ever won six Super Bowl titles, and most of the pirates today don’t even see what the playoffs look like. So, of course, the team can change a lot for him.

But Brady chose to be part of the team, and he tried to be part of the culture of a team with a large number of young people. He asked for the phone numbers of all his teammates. Learning from coach Bruce Arians’ tactical system, Brady was trying to integrate with the new team.