Buccaneers Manager: Tom Brady brings a leader to the team

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers commander (Bruce Arians) has always been outspoken. He has said many times that the team will look for other ways to upgrade its quarterback position.

Now Buccaneers have found a successor: Tom Brady.

On Tuesday, Arians was asked how he felt about signing Brady.

“When did I die. How can I go back? I don’t believe it, “he said. “I never thought he would leave New England. This year, you have a sense that he might leave. So as a team you do your best to put all the possible quarterbacks in order. We put him first. If he does leave, we will work together and we have done it. ”

Arians mentioned that if Brady can’t be attracted, the Buccaneers’s alternative would be to go after Teddy Bridgewater. Winston’s return is plan three.

It has been thought that Brady’s presence could help Buccaneers reach the playoff level.

“His most important reinforcement for us is to bring us a tested leader,” Arians said. “A leader who knows how to lead a team to the championship. We have a very good young team and they need such a leader

Brady and Winston play in very different styles. Arians hopes that the former can help the team reduce mistakes after the latter has made 33 passes to reach the historical level of 30 intercepted passes. “We were very close last year. I mean 7-9 doesn’t sound close, but if you reduce your mistakes by 20, then we’ll be in the playoffs

Arians is not worried about the fit between his offensive system and Tom Brady 12# jersey. He said he would work with the latter to build an offensive team. It can be predicted that Buccaneers will have a powerful attack team in 2020.