This year’s draft convention will be quite different from the past.

This year, the selected players will not take the stage after being selected by the team to take over the jersey from the president of the league (Roger Goodell). On the contrary, with the assistance of EA Sports, this year’s draft conference will present the scene of the interaction between players and Goodall in a virtual way of computer animation.

So these candidates don’t have to wait until the August release of the new edition of Madden football to see their image in the game at the draft convention at the end of April. In addition, each candidate can choose a high school football program to receive $2500 in funding assistance.

What kind of draft conference scenario EA will produce deserves attention. Any player who has experienced the career model in recent years’ Madden football works knows that the draft convention scenes in the game are sometimes quite dramatic.

NFL plans to invite more than 50 candidates to the draft conference remotely

Candidates are unable to attend this year’s draft conference in person. But they will still be involved.

The NFL reported that the League invited top candidates to attend a three-day draft conference remotely. More than 50 players are expected to participate through video and social media. Players and their families are also expected to receive a draft package.

Recently, it has been reported that the league is already looking for a solution to enable candidates to participate in the live telecast, while active players and NFL jerseycelebrities are also expected to participate in the draft convention.

The league’s president, Roger Goodell jerseys, previously sent a memo to all 32 teams saying the draft Convention would be held from April 23 to 25 as usual.

“Our plan is to connect you directly from home and the NFL fans all over the world watching the draft!

In the memo, Goodell encouraged the team to make necessary planning for the operation of the draft. At that time, each team needs to prepare sufficient technical resources for internal contact and contact with other teams and the headquarters of the draft conference in the presence of only some people outside the team base.