The gambling company opens the new season Pankou! Patriot only won 8.5 and set a new low since 2003

Although the 2020 draft conference will come in a week, the betting companies will not let the investors wait so hard. And the new season’s cross talk may make the New England Patriots really miss Tom Brady.

Caesar on Thursday announced the number of season wins and the probability of passing the playoffs of all 32 NFL teams. The biggest surprise was patriot, who only gave them 8.5 wins, which is the lowest number of wins since 2003.

That’s not the most surprising, Jeff Davis, the company’s chief gaming analyst, told ESPN: “my original estimate of Patriot wins is less than eight. Their defensive second line is one of the best in the league. In addition, their other players are the worst in the league in my opinion. ”

The combination of veteran bill bilicek and quarterback Brady has made patriots a long-standing banker’s nightmare. But this time, they don’t seem to be favored by many gaming companies. In addition to Caesar, MGM, van duel and William Hill have only opened 9 victories for patriots, with the highest only 9.5.

“It’s hard for me to believe that such a team can win 10 games,” Davis said. “If I were a punter, I wouldn’t buy this team at all. The team will show how good bilicek and his team are at a time of poor talent, but the patriots may be in for a year of reality

As patriot’s opponents in the same area, bill was set to win 9 games, and their probability of going out of the cheap jerseys from china playoffs is slightly higher than that of patriot, which is the first time since 2003 that patriot did not get the highest estimate of the probability of going out of the playoffs in the area. And Brady’s new owner, the pirates, has also been out of nine wins, they haven’t been in the playoffs since 2007, but with Brady, obviously many things are different.

Looking at 32 teams, chieftain and raven are tied for the first place in 12 games. They are also the most popular team in the playoffs. Due to the new labor agreement during the off-season, 14 teams will enter the playoffs for the first time in the NFL next season. “Obviously, the chieftain and the ravens are better than any other team Davis admitted.

But this is not necessarily a good omen. It is the second time in the past 30 years that two teams have been given 12 wins at the same time. In 2012, the packers and patriots got such a consensus. In fact, patriots got 12-4 and packers 11-5, but both teams failed to enter the Super Bowl in that year.

Brown was the darling of last season’s punters. Last season, they had nine matches. However, they only won six games, which made the dealer earn a lot of money. This year, they were set to win 8.5 games, and many gaming companies think they may still be out of the playoffs.

Of course, after the draft conference, there may be some changes in Pankou. Davis specifically pointed out a team – the New York Jets jerseys online. “The jet is a team that is likely to rise significantly because of the draft. If they choose an elite outsider, I think it will make them better, because the outsider is a position that can quickly fulfill their talent, and it is likely to make them make rapid progress.”

Of course, those with higher ranking will have lower ranking,china jerseys while Jaguar and red skin have become the most unfavorable targets for many gaming companies in the new season, they are only opened 4.5 wins.