There are many differences between the 2020 NFL draft and the previous ones: it’s held completely remotely; it’s interspersed with many touching stories during the epidemic, and it’s grateful to the front-line workers It’s also the most watched nfl jerseys draft in years.

What is the NFL draft? This is the platform for the NFL team to select top players from universities every year. There will be seven rounds of 32 players in each round. More than 200 players will join the NFL family. The draft sequence is from the back to the front according to last season’s results

What’s the draft sequence so far this year? Look at the figure 49ers. The Vikings and pony have signed 13 and 22 respectively

So who should I focus on this year’s draft? Whose Jersey should I buy?

This year’s draft is broadcast live on NFL Network, ESPN, ABC and various network platforms. After the three-day draft, the total number of viewers exceeded 55 million, and the average number of weekend viewers increased by 35% compared with the previous year.

Each day’s draft also set a new record of viewing, with an average of more than 15.6 million people watching the first round of live broadcast, more than 8.2 million people watching the 2-3 rounds of live broadcast on Friday, and more than 4.2 million people watching the 4-7 rounds of draft, with a growth rate of at least 30% compared with the previous year.

In addition, the online live broadcast of the charity event “draft-a-thon” also received 5.4 million views every day, and NFL has raised $100 million in donations. Part of the revenue from NFL cheap Jerseys will also go to charity.

I hope the fans will support NFL more and share the difficulties. NFL will give away some new jerseys free of charge.

“I’m proud of the hard work and cooperation of all the participants, which is also the embodiment of the unity of the people of NFL,” said Roger Goodell, President of NFL We would like to thank all the staff on the front line of the anti epidemic campaign, as well as the people who helped the NFL raise money. “