A spokesman for NFL said Monday that sales of the TUA Tagovailoa Jersey were good, with two different styles taking one or two places (since the draft), surpassing that of Tom Brady and Joe burrow.

Teng’oualoa is the fifth in the first round of this year’s show. Since the retirement of Dan Marino, dolphins who have been mediocre all the time hope to be reborn.

In the past two weeks, teng’oualoa’s water blue men’s dolphin jerseys ranked first in sales and White Jerseys second. Brady has 3-6 different styles of jerseys, followed by his new teammate rob gronkowski, with sales ranking seventh.

Burro’s black tigers are eighth, orange 11th and white 15th. The light grey blue jersey of Justin Herbert is 12th.

Ceedee lamb whose blue jersey ranks 14th, has the highest sales of non quarterback rookies.