NFL and EA extend cooperation, Madden Football contract extension to 2026

Madden Football is at least six years away.

On Thursday, NFL owners voted to renew their contract with EA, after the NFL players’ Union voted.

The current contract was due to expire after 2021. After the renewal, EA will be the only company that has the right to release virtual football games until 2026.

According to EA, since the launch of the new Madden rugby game last August, the total game time has exceeded 330 million hours. As the new crown epidemic forced people to live in isolation, the game time in the past few months has also increased significantly, and many tournaments have been held by the people or the government. In the official maiden championship, the final champion only uses the ball to attack all the way. The champion chooses a real abandoned kicker as the quarterback, freeing up the salary space to choose the strong running guard and attacking front line.

It is reported that Madden Football may launch a commemorative NFL Jerseys, and will present 100 New Jerseys at random.

Madden Football 21 will be released in early August, and the commemorative jersey will be released at the same time. Last year’s cover was Patrick mahome, and this year’s was Lamar Jackson.