When the NFL prepares players to return to the team base, the League president (Roger Goodell) sends a memo to each team, explaining the relevant process in detail.

The regulations can be divided into the following parts: entering the base, keeping distance, cleaning and disinfection of facilities and equipment, food supply, personal protective equipment and the end, compliance with regulations and education on disease transmission and infection prevention. Each team must demonstrate that they have met the requirements of the guidelines and submit their own infectious disease prevention plan.

Although the League still hasn’t determined when players will be able to return to the team base and the team is not expected to hold Mini training camp, according to people familiar with the situation, the league and the players’ Union are discussing the limited return of some players – such as rookies and veteran players who need to undergo physical examination after changing the team – before June 26.

All players and staff must wear masks at all times in the base (unless they cannot be worn due to training needs), surgical masks must be replaced daily and more frequently if they are visibly soiled. Cloth masks must be cleaned every day or staff and players must be given enough cloth masks to allow them to change masks every three days. cheap china jerseys The team needs to be responsible for ensuring an adequate supply of surgical and cloth masks for the players.

The team must limit the areas available to players and staff, including training and stadium grounds and sidelines, changing rooms, sports training rooms and medical rooms, players’ restaurants and meeting rooms, players’ lounges and weightlifting rooms.

The team must be divided into three levels, each with access to different areas. The first level includes players, coaches, trainers, team doctors, chief strength fitness coaches and chief equipment managers. The second level includes non field personnel who need close contact with players and coaches but can keep a reasonable distance – such personnel include general manager, public relations personnel, team operation personnel, etc. The third level includes the necessary staff of the team base, stadium or team activities, who do not need to contact the players.

In all social distance requirements, teams must have rules that allow players and staff to maintain a distance of 6 feet (approximately 183 cm) between each other on the team base. The team will also have to readjust the layout of the dressing room to ensure as much as possible a six foot space.

Strength and fitness training can only be attended by up to 15 players. The training team must stagger the players’ appointments.

Helmets, shoulders and other equipment must be disinfected after each training and competition.cheap jerseys online Everyone entering the team base must clean and disinfect their cell phones, keys and any other frequently touched items. People entering the base shall not share personal belongings.

Team meetings must be held online as much as possible. If face-to-face meetings are needed, teams should try to hold such meetings outdoors and take proper measures to keep social distance. Face to face meetings where distance cannot be maintained will be banned and learning materials, equipment and supplies will not be shared during the meeting.

The alliance will provide further information and regulations for those who are tested and treated for positive viruses or show symptoms. In addition, other issues such as the team’s travel to the away games will be resolved in the future.