2020 Hall of fame is cancelled and the selection ceremony is postponed

The hall of fame will announce today that the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers tournament, originally scheduled for August 6, will be cancelled due to the epidemic, NFL television reporter Ian Rapoport reported on Thursday. In addition, the hall of fame ceremony, which was scheduled for August 8, will be postponed to 2021.

Five modern players attended the ceremony, including Steve Atwater, Isaac Bruce, Steve Hutchinson, edgerin James, Troy Polamalu, two coaches (bill cowher) and Jimmy Johnson, three outstanding contributors (Steve sabol), (Paul Tagliabue) and George young.

With the cancellation of the hall of fame, the training camp coverage of cowboys and Steelers was delayed to the same extent as other teams, starting at the end of July. At present, the start time of training camp is July 28, but the schedule still needs to be discussed by NFL management.

This is the first time that NFL has cancelled an important event due to the impact of the epidemic, and the talent show originally scheduled to be held in Las Vegas has only moved from offline to online.

NFL officials have stated many times that they plan to start the regular season in 2020 as usual. The cancellation of the hall of fame may be the first step to shorten the preseason, but the authorities still have to solve various difficulties and hidden dangers in playing games under the epidemic situation.

Under the shadow of the epidemic, NFL is struggling, and it still needs to overcome many difficulties to restart the new season. I hope the NFL game will go on normally this year, and the sales of NFL jerseys are in full swing.