NFL or fines for players who do not comply with the new crown

If the 2020 NFL season starts as scheduled, players and coaches will have to comply with a series of new crown related restrictions, on and off the court.

These restrictions include wearing specific masks, and players may be fined for misbehavior off the field, which increases the risk of virus transmission.

On Thursday, the players’ Union held a two-hour teleconference with representatives of the players and the medical director of the players’ Union, Dr. Thom Mayer. The meeting focused on adjusting the rules and regulations of the training camp and regular season in response to the epidemic situation. The probability of the final season is also affected by the test results, tracking close contacts program.

ESPN reported that players could be fined for “reckless” behavior outside the team’s facilities, such as using a free ride or eating in crowded locations. Details of a recently developed special face mask, which may be worn during training, games and moving around team facilities, were also provided. But the players jerseys china did not support the development of the mask for a variety of reasons, including the impact on vision and breathing.