oint shareholder proposal is just the beginning! Redskins home court denominator asks the team to change its name

Recently, due to the ferment of Freud incident, the voice of calling for racial equality has become more and more intense. The red skin in Washington has become the target of many people’s criticism, because of the name of their team red skin. The name involves racial discrimination, so more and more people are calling on team owner Dan Snyder to change his name.

Today, the proposal has been directed at redskins sponsors. On Wednesday, it was reported that 87 investment companies and a total of $620 billion shareholder alliance proposed to ask FedEx, Nike nfl jerseys and PepsiCo to terminate their partnership with Redskins, unless the team changed the controversial name. FedEx responded quickly by issuing a statement on Thursday saying “we have communicated with the team in Washington and asked them to change the name of the team.”.

FedEx has more weight than the other two sponsors, because red skin’s home is now named by them. In 1998, FedEx paid the home naming rights to Redskins at a price of $205 million. The agreement will last until 2025, and Frederick Smith, chairman, CEO and general manager of FedEx, also holds a minority stake in Washington Redskins 2020 jerseys. So their advice is more vocal than others.

In fact, in 2014, the Indian community in Wisconsin proposed to FedEx to reconsider the naming, but the shareholders at that time voted for FedEx to continue naming. However, with the turning of public opinion caused by the Freud incident, the demand for “red skin to change its name” is stronger than ever before.

Native Americans wanted Snyder to change the name that the team had been using since 1933. In the past, some organizations wanted to force the red dress to change its name from a legal point of view, but many efforts have failed high school. But according to reports, representative Holmes Norton of the District of Columbia has made it clear that if Redskins wants to stay in Washington, it must change the name of the team.

According to the latest report, Nike has taken further action. Although they didn’t make a statement like FedEx, they took another way – taking goods with red names or logos off the shelves on Nike’s official website! Not only that, the name of Washington Redskins has been removed from the NFL team drop-down menu on Nike’s official website. However, there are still proponents who want Nike to be more specific, such as issuing a statement like FedEx.

Although it is hoped that Redskins’s name is so popular, local officials in Washington have made it clear that they want Redskins to continue to compete in the city. I don’t know if Snyder will change the name “red skin” because of the great social pressure. We will wait and see.