Quarterback Newton became the first patriot player to wear the No. 1 Jersey since 1987

Pat, the patriot’s mascot, needs a new number.

Pat has been wearing No. 1 since the Patriots won their first Super Bowl title in 2003. Pat had been wearing the No.0 jersey until a fan suggested it to his boss, Robert Kraft.

Now, the new team’s quarterback (CAM Newton) will wear the No. 1 jersey.

Newton will be the fourth patriot to wear the No. 1 jersey in the regular season and the first non footballer. The top three players were John Smith (1974-83), Tony Franklin (1984-87) and Eric Schubert (1 appearance in 1987). It’s worth mentioning that Newton, 31, was not born when the No. 1 player of the top patriots came out for the team.

Newton wore the No. 2 Jersey at Auburn University before being selected by the Panther as the No. 1 player in 2011. But the Panther quarterback (Jimmy Clausen) had the No. 2 jersey, and he didn’t give it up to Newton, who was a rookie at the time. On the New England Patriots team, Bryan Hoyer is wearing the number 2 jersey.

Finally, let’s take a look at the number selection of Patriot mascot Pat’s jersey. At present, no one claims No. 6, which is also the number of Lombardi cups currently held by patriot. Of course, the No. 12 jersey is also vacant.