Training camps for all 32 teams will be held as scheduled, and veteran players will report for duty on July 28.

Troy Vincent, NFL’s executive vice president for event operations, sent an email to the general managers and managers of all 32 teams to inform them of the arrangement.

In the email, Vincent said: “at the League meeting, according to the labor agreement, the team jersey online was advised to schedule training camp dates this year as follows: rookie – July 21, quarterback and injured players – July 23, all other players – July 28.”

Rookies from Kansas City chiefs and Houston Texans jerseys wholesale will be the first to report for duty next Monday. Rookies from all other teams can report as early as Tuesday, and veterans can report on July 28.

At the same time, the NFL and the players’ Union are still negotiating on epidemic prevention regulations at the training camp. At present, the team base can accommodate up to 20 players at the same time. This arrangement will remain in place until the players’ Union approves each team’s emergency plan for infectious diseases. However, according to the provisions of the labor agreement, the team has the right to set up the check-in time.