Washington Redskins announced the official name of the Washington football team in the new season

The Washington football team will be the official name of the NFL team in Washington until further notice.

Washington announced the change on Thursday. While the team is still looking for a new name, it will be the official name for the time being.

“The decision to use the Washington football team this season gives the team the ability to take an in-depth process of renaming players, ex players, fans, communities and sponsors,” the team said in a statement. “So far, we’re happy to see so many people put forward their ideas for new names and new designs on social media, and we look forward to hearing from them as the process goes on.”

The team also said it had begun “to remove all red marks from team property, including FedEx stadium and red park.”

In addition, the team announced that they would wear a new shirt in the new season. Some Washington players have posted photos of themselves wearing new jerseys on twitter.

Washington, whose name has been red since 1933, announced on July 13 that it would abandon the name and the team logo.