Hope to get a big jerseys contract from the team

Robert woods, the Los Angeles Rams, has been outstripping his contract and has been receiving more than a thousand yards for two consecutive seasons.

In the end, woods wants a big contract.

Woods told reporters on Thursday that he had “some preliminary negotiations” with the team on a restructuring contract.

“It’s really on the pitch to show them that I’ve been improving my performance and improving on the basis of what I’ve been doing,” Woods said. “Come to the team strong, muscular, fast and of course ready to get a big contract.”

After four years at Buffalo Bill, woods signed $34 million for five years with rams in 2017. His performance now is far beyond the value of the nfl jersey contract. His annual salary is only 37th in the league’s outsider.

Woods has two years left on his contract, with a base salary of $5 million (and a $2 million bonus) this year and $9 million next year. Ram may not be inclined to restructure the contract. They also have to renew their contract with Jalen Ramsey and have already taken on big contracts with Aaron Donald and Jared Goff. In addition, they have taken on $36 million in redundant salaries.

As a key player in the rams offensive group, woods will continue to lead the Los Angeles rams jerseys in the new season.