Bills renewed his contract with left interceptor Dion Dawkins for four years and $60 million jerseys contract

Bills confirmed that Josh Allen’s blind side screen would stay on the team.

On Thursday, Bills officially announced a four-year contract extension with left interceptor Dion Dawkins. According to NFL Network, the highest contract salary is $60 million, of which $34 million is security.

Dawkins is the second round show in 2017, and the rookie contract was supposed to enter the last year.

“It means it’s time to do something that’s worth the pay.” “It made me feel more respected and showed their recognition of my ability,” Dawkins told reporters. As if to say that this is our leader left interceptor, Dion Dawkins is a part of our team building, can rely on his contribution to win

Dawkins started 43 games in his three-year career, showing his excellent ability Cheap Buffalo Bills jerseys of blind side passing and covering. He currently ranks fifth in the NFL’s left interceptors and seventh of all offensive interceptors.