NFL considers new season playoff Jersey sales in quarantine

The NFL may still set up a quarantine area to hold the game in the end, but that could be next January.

In an interview, NFL’s vice president for event operations, Troy Vincent, said that Sean Payton, who recently took part in a competition committee conference call, suggested setting up a quarantine area for the playoffs.

According to Vincent, the NFL jerseys cheap has not ruled out the possibility of doing so and is considering all options.

Any kind of “exclusion zone” scheme must be supported by the players’ Union.

In a conference call from the NFL players’ Union last month, Indianapolis pony quarterback asked what to do if a player tested positive for a virus during the Super Bowl week. Setting up an exclusion zone for playoffs may be the most equitable way to ensure the playoffs are fairest for all teams. We’ve seen the NBA and the NHL jerseys have had great success playing in the exclusion zone.

As with everything in the epidemic, many things are likely to change in the coming months. If the season goes well, the League may also think that there is no need for a quarantine zone. But it is also possible that teams that enter the playoffs will eventually set up their own isolation zones.