NFL star’s iron man tenderness: 1 million dollars to support poor students in hometown.

The mouth gun king in the alliance is also the zealous heart of public welfare.

Ramsay was always talkative since he was a child. He extended his personality to the NFL. It is appropriate to describe Ramsay as “a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers”

He’s also known as the “big mouth gun king” in the league.

No matter who he is in the league, he has to shout a few words. Even the respected goat Brady can’t escape the attack of his mouth gun.

The Los Angeles Rams will also donate a batch of jerseys and epidemic prevention materials to the school.

When Ramsey moved to ram in the middle of last season, the NFL has ushered in a new challenge. In order to fight against the new crown, all teams will strictly test the body temperature of players and disinfect the training facilities every day.

However, for many civilians, such equal protection is not desirable, and Ramsey also extended a helping hand at this time.

Born in Tennessee, Ramsay donated $1 million to the purpose preparatory school to help needy students in his hometown.

(the school aims to help outstanding students with poor financial conditions), and his actions also show everyone the social responsibility of the 26 year old corner guard.

“I choose to help these children. I want to fulfill my mission to help narrow the educational gap in my hometown.”

It is believed that Ramsey will receive a contract from RAM in the near future. This may be a considerable reward!