Josh Gordon sold Super Bowl rings jerseys for $138000

Foreign catcher Josh Gordon played briefly for the Patriots. Although he didn’t play in the final, he still got a 53rd super bowl ring from the Patriots.

According to media reports, Gordon recently sold the ring at auction for $138000.

Gordon played 12 games for the Patriots in the 2018 season, but was banned in December of the same year and failed to play in the regular season and the playoffs. He returned to service in 2019 as a restricted free agent, returning to patriot, playing in six games, completing 20 catches, pushing 287 yards, and reaching one.

After being abandoned by the Patriots, Cheap Seahawks jerseys china claimed Gordon. He played seven games for Seattle, completed seven catches and pushed 139 yards. He was banned again in December for violating League policy. According to his agent, Gordon’s brother died in the autumn of 2019, which hit him hard.

Gordon reappointed in July this year. Seahawk coach Pete Carroll said the team would not rule out Gordon’s return.