Teams are interested in trading for Dolphins quarterback Josh Rosen jerseys, according to ESPN reporters on Thursday.

With rookie quarterback TUA tagovilioa showing his ability at training camp and has recovered to full health, Rosen’s position in dolphins is no longer stable. Right now, Ryan Fitzpatrick is the most likely starter in the opening game.

If the deal eventually goes through, it will be the second time Rosen has been traded in 17 months. In the first round of 2018, he was selected by the Cardinals with No. 10, but the following year, because the cardinal chose Kyler Murray, he was traded by the Dolphins in exchange for the other party’s second round and the fifth round in 2020.

“I was selected in the first round, and people in the League should also believe that I have some ability,” Rosen jerseys china once said. No matter when the opportunity comes or where it comes from, I have to be ready. These opportunities don’t happen very often. I didn’t perform well in the first two. Not everyone has a third chance. I will try to seize it.