Chargers Manager: Taylor is still the first quarterback after recovering from health

It wasn’t until a few minutes before the start of the game that Los Angeles Chargers coach Anthony Lynn got the unexpected news.

Chargers starting quarterback tyrod Taylor has to be taken to hospital because of chest pain, which means that this year’s first round quarterback, Justin Herbert, will be in critical condition to start.

“I think he thought I was joking at first,” says Lynn. “I had to tell him twice,” no, seriously, you’re the starting quarterback. ” He is aware that he is the starting line-up after the change is not surprised

Herbert made a great debut in his career, passing 311 yards and reaching twice in total. But in the end, the Cheap Kansas City chiefs jerseys beat Chargers with a free kick in extra time, winning 23-20.

Lynn said he was impressed by Herbert – but it was not enough for him to consider changing the starting quarterback.

“I’ll wait and pay attention to Tyrol’s health,” Lynn said. “He has a reason to be our starting quarterback. If he’s 100% recovered and ready to play, he’s our starting quarterback. But I know if he doesn’t play, Justin can take over

Hours after the game, Los Angeles Chargers jerseys online announced that Taylor was “breathing hard” and was taken to a local hospital for further examination. He was discharged that night.

Herbert, along with Andrew luck and cam Newton, became the only top 10 quarterbacks to pass more than 300 yards in the season’s first start and still lose. He also became the second player in history to make one pass and one drive in the first half of his debut game. He led the team to complete a wave of 10 minutes and 21 seconds in the game, which was the longest attack of Chargers in four years.

Of course, Herbert is not without mistakes. His mistake at the end of the third quarter gave the chief a chance to equalise. But he showed potential in this game. Now Herbert’s chances of starting in the next season are more likely to be checked out in the coming weeks.