The saints of New Orleans ushered in the third consecutive play contest, this time against the Green Bay Packers jerseys. Since the 16th week of 1995, packers have never beaten the saints on the road, and the saints are the favourites. But in fact, the packers are in better shape this season. Will the two teams, famous for their excellent offensive teams, bring us a wonderful fight?

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8:20 am Beijing time, September 28, 2020


Can drew Bryce get back in shape?

New Orleans Saints quarterback drew Brees jerseys, who had decided to retire in the off-season, eventually signed a two-year contract with the team, but this season is likely to be his last. In the first two games of the season, though saints won 1-1, bris was already tired. This season, bris’s passing, whether in the short distance, medium distance or long distance, has a significant decline in strength and accuracy. His professional rugby Focus Net score is only 60.6 this season. The worse problem for the saints’ attack group is that Michael Thomas, the No.1 outfielder, will continue to be absent, while Emmanuel Sanders, a key off-season draw, has yet to integrate into the team. Is there any improvement in the game? Or do you want to prove that you can’t do it?

Will Alvin camara play a more important role?

Bris Thomas camara’s trio is now only Alvin kamara who can do his best. He has been passed 17 times this season, ranking first in the team. In the game against the Las Vegas Raiders, camara advanced 179 yards in the attack group, averaging more than 6 yards per shot. If the saints didn’t need to score, camara’s data would have been more beautiful. The packer’s poor performance in charge Defense this season will obviously benefit camara and the saints. If bris’s form is still not improving, will the Cheap New Orleans saints jerseys give camara more opportunities? Is it possible that he will support the attack of saints in this game?

Can the saint defense team resist the packer attack group?

Unlike the saints, packers are in hot form this season. Although No. 1 fielder davante Adams is likely to miss, there is no doubt that the hot packer quarterback has the ability to continue to perform well with other catchers. In terms of attack, packing man running guard Aaron Jones has also played well since the start of the season. He has completed 34 runs of the ball and achieved 234 yards, 3 times, and 8 times of receiving to achieve 78 yards. Packers are the fourth team since 1970 to pass more than 500 yards and charge more than 400 yards in the first two games of the season. Saint’s defense front-line seven play very well, has 40 consecutive regular season did not let the opponent appear to rush the ball to break a hundred yards running guard, and they can effectively pressure the opponent’s quarterback. In the second line defense, the corner guard, Marshall Lattimore, is a top corner guard. However, in the field game, the Raider attack group passed a total of 11 catchers, revealing the weakness of the saints’ second line defense, that is to say, they were hard to focus on the catchers other than the number one. Especially if saints need to focus on the packer’s attack, will they lose the other?